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***** Manpasand Indian Cuisine is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, based on 12 reviews!

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    very nice

  • *****

    I found my tandoori pharmacist.

    I get cravings for tandoori anything like no other, and Manpasand hooks me up like it's nobody's business. For those of you who don't know, Tandoori is that kick-ass North Indian clay oven type of barbecue, that will broil and season just about anything; chicken, pork, naan, roti, cauliflower. You name it.

    I come here at least once a month to get my fix, and the owner hooks me up right away. My drug? Half a Tandoori Chicken, Raita and lightly buttered Naan. The Chicken is always extremely meaty, juicy, (obviously an exceptionally great job at marinating. With Indian food, it's always about how you marinate the meat) and fresh.

    They feature lots of other dishes on the menu and although they're pretty good as well, my mind and tastebuds always flock back to Roma's trusted combo.

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    Manpasand definition

    Man : Heart
    Pasand : Like or Desire

    So manpasand basically means what your heart desires.

    And it explains this little hole in the wall perfectly.

    I had to go back again today (after discovering it yesterday) and I tried the take out buffett special (7.49 + free pop)

    The guy behind the counter said i could get 5 items for the buffett.

    I chose:

    1. The chicken biryani - huge portion! filled up half my container with it. Fragrant rice spiced perfectly with different coloured strands of rice :) with two huge pieces of chicken. DELICIOUS.

    2. The mutter paneer (you need veggies right?) - I chose this to show my co-worker what Paneer was. It was really good. Your standard peas and paneer (indian cottage cheese) curry.

    3. The tandoori chicken - Really really good barbequed chicken! No explanation needed.

    4. The chicken tikka - Chunks of chicken breast barbequed with various veggies (onions, peppers and tomatoes). This was really good. Not spicy. But still good.

    5. The Fish Pakora - This was a wild card. I'm really squeamish about Fish. I can only really eat it when I'm out for sushi or something. I know, it's weird. Im okay with other seafood (shrimp, lobster, mussels, etc) but just fish is weird to me. I tried this out anyways. ITS EFFING GREAT! OMG. It's deep fried fish in a spicy red batter. Take your avg fish and chips, and kick it up 32423525 notches. I'm hooked.

    and it came with free fresh!!!!! naan.

    I'm in LOVE with this restaurant.

    ps, the kids were there again today. SUPER CUTE.




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    Good food + Inexpensive

    Located in a quiet plaza by the corner of McNIcoll and Middlefield, I stumbled upon this restaurant three years ago. I wasn't sure if I was following the right choice when I walked in, but frequent visits to this mom&pop's place says it all.
    Dine-in area looks simple and little bit aged.
    Buffets are the cheapest for the quality of food ~8-10$ depending on lunch or dinner. with 8-15+ items.

    Now I am hungry and gotta go get my lunch from there

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    Good place to buy veggie samosas and chat. Everything else looks great too but haven't tried. They have lunch and dinner buffet everyday.

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    Vary tasty quality food for cheap price. I liked everything here specially jalebis.

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    We recently tried their lunch buffet. Food quality is excellent: very authentic Indian. Staff is very helpful. prices are reasonable. great place!

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    Decent enough in taste.. reasonable on price.. average ambience..

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    you get excellent Paneer Pakodas here.. everyone give it a try...... they have nice mango & strawberry sweets too....

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    Great food, was a little sceptical, haven't ventured to Far East from Mississauga. Greatly surprised, good service, great flavourful food. We came in 2 hrs before close and the food was hot. Wil definitely come back

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    Have visited very next day, as usual Goat meat...
    Have visited very next day, as usual Goat meat Naan excellent, above all serving was very generous and very friendly owner. I wish had more sitting room.

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    The Indian food was excellent at their new location. The service was very friendly and relaxed. The new location accomodated the 6 of us easily for the buffett spread. The curries were diffrent for each Indian dish giving each one a remarkable flavour. Not like some Indian restaurants where all the curries taste the same no matter which dish you are given.